Everything is a Sign

Emotional Intelligence, law of attraction, Madeline Johnson, mental health, motivation, philosophy, psychology, self awareness

Of Undisputed Origin

When we are stuck trying to make an important decision about something in our lives, we might occasionally ask the universe for a sign.  As if there was no where left to go, we might find ourselves desperately throwing our head and hands up to the sky and find ourselves begging for the answers. Searching for a sign that confirms that everything is going to be okay. A sign that the choices we are making will lead to something better. A sign that what we are doing really does matter. These are signs for when we feel stuck.


We look for these sticky signs when we are banging on doors that won’t open or struggling way too much with little to show for it. And we’ll take anything as a sign at that point.  A sign that tells us –  yes keep going, you’ve go this, the best is…

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